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Song: Mirrors


A misty night on le plateau Mont-Royal . Going from bar to bar. looking for some sense. The crowd of lost and drunken kids reflected my own anguish. I was depressed. My shadow was becoming clearer as I walked alone on Saint Denis .  Forcing me to face every crack of my being. And there he was lying on the pavement. Dead. I do not know your name. But I promise you I will cherish every day I have left to live.

Song: In Love with Love

In love with love.JPG

We are all on a journey with all the challenges of a hero.From helplessness to hope, from weakness to strength, from madness to wisdom. From place to place. By standing still into stillness. Approaching the inmost cave. Through the darkness on the way to our hearts ,on the edge of life and death. To love with love.

Song: Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi.jpg

I took the train to the unknown . On a quest to battle my inner turmoil to find silence. From Brest to Paris I kept watching the trees, the lungs of the earth , falling one by one. In the city of light I saw the ocean between the powerless and the rich saving themselves on the Medusa raft. I felt grateful for having such incredible parents. From Paris to Berlin two immigrants were arrested. And I was going on a holiday. On Alexander Platz I started smiling again I was alive .On the train to Prague I met some monks and saw how still and calm they were. Then came the prince of darkness on stage in Budapest. Giving me the shock of hope I came for. I was in front of a door.

Song: Brest Montreal

Brest Montreal.JPG

The raindrops of the white city. Reminiscence of another life. The sounds of my tinnitus becoming more and more oppressive. I listen to my gut , feel , and the images flow. I remembered moments of joy and innocence during my adventures. Then lightning struck on the Lac Clair and it started pouring. We drove furiously through the forest scaring foxes and deer while listening to Beethoven’s symphony n°5.We avoided an accident. A tear drop. I put out my cigarette on the window sill then shut it, smiling.

Song: Icarus


The love felt almost divine. It was warm and welcoming. Just like home. I pursued it without seeing the warning signs. The more I reached the sun  the more it burned my wings. I continued to follow the shadow that wasn’t mine, blind. And fell.

Song: Victoria


From time to time we connect to someone ,deeply .
There are no lies with sensitivity. Only words unspoken. Mirroring each other .Our flaws , our insecurities , our fears ,our past ,our strengh but more importantly,our beauty . It can be overwhelming to see our reflection in the eyes of the other person. Especially when it is raw , pure and truthful. Either we become vulnerable and surrender to it all . Or comes the push and pull . The run and the chase. No one has ever pushed me to know myself as much as this woman.And for this I will always be grateful .

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